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About Us

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Our  Story

The Citizen hotel concept shifted from single hotel framework to chained hotels to take advantage of the rebound of the travel industry starting this 2022. In Manila , it is expected to increase travel arrival by 17% and local tourist and middle income earners continue to increase amid the surge of staycations.


Room opening in Manila cannot keep up with rooms increasing only by 5% per year. Old hotel chains such as Sogo, Victoria Court, Seda and Go Hotels are major players but all are focused on providing a traditional guest experience which is not so applicable to the bigger part of the market now which is the Millenials and Gen-Z who are more drawn into innovations and hyped with the changing trends.

With this, we are targeting the youth travelers who embrace technology and are adaptable to changes to establish the first local chain that offers technology driven experience to its guests. Based on the market trend, it cannot be understated about the role of technology in travel and will continue to grow in importance in the upcoming year and beyond. Our price point is pegged as 1800-2800 per night which is the mid economy category which is considered as the fastest growing segment in the hospitality market. By this, we want to take advantage of the starting recovery of the travel industry. 

The Concept

We design our Hotel to make it trendy and yet familiar as possible to make you feel at home yet not boring. Our system is designed to minimize guest interaction however our people are trained to be as helpful as possible as they treateach guest as a family which creates a good balance of privacy yet friendly atmosphere. Our advantage is our seamless structure that enables us to manage operations at a low cost using technology, central purchasing hub and simplified operation set up. This enables us to create a setting up concept of “plug and play“ in which we are confident that with this system we will be able to set up and turn around a location to operate from 30 to 60 days while turning capex into operations within 2 months. 

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Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.

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